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Impromptu(Single Event)
Chemo-Quiz(Single/Group-3 Event)
Chemo-Car(Group-3 Event)
Chemo-hunt(Group-4 Event)
TechnoGeeks(Group-2 Event)
Web-O-Mania(Single Event)
Logo Design(Single Event)
Cquiz(Single Event)
Paper Presentation(Group-2 Event)
Relay Coding(Group-4 Event)
Junkyard(Group-5 Event)
Techxtreme(Quiz)(Single/Group-2 Event)
Rocket Mania(Group-4 Event)
Robo War(Hell-In-Cell)(Group-4 Event)
Hit It To Win It(Group-4 Event)
Robo Cup(Football)FIFA'17(Group-4 Event)
Maze Runner(Group-3 Event)
Obstacles(Group-4 Event)
Civil Mania(quiz)(Group-3 Event)
Seismocure(Group-3 Event)
Bridge-O-Curve(Group-2 Event)
Sketch the idea(Group-4 Event)
Smart Theme City(Group-4 Event)
Board WarzzZ(Group-3 Event)
Electro Maze(Group-5 Event)
Idea Decor(Single/Group-2 Event)
Laser Strike(Group-5 Event)
Quiz Techno(Single/Group-2 Event)
Tricky Quizzy(Group-4 Event)
Eletricks(Group-2 Event)
Techno Sense(Group-4 Event)
Circuitry(Group-4 Event)
Need For Speed(Group-4 Event)
Counter Strike(Group-5 Event)
Polaroid shot(Single Event)
Treasure Hunt(Group-6 Event)
Candy Crush(Single Event)
Silver Selfie(Group-2 Event)
Escape(Single Event)
Mad Ads(Group-4 Event)
Lets Get Quizzical(Single/Group-5 Event)
Buy Beg Borrow (Group-3 Event)
Baazi Ak Minute ki(Single Event)
What A Twist(Group-5 Event)
Techno King(Group-4 Event)
Ide-Action(Group-4 Event)
Pharma Recipe(Group-2 Event)
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  • 7. (Non Technical Events) All Gamearena Participates will receive certificate from hosted institute instead of G.T.U.